The Wholehearted Woman

She is kindness and love in one beautiful, mysterious, shiny package.

Her heart is pure gold and magic energy.

She’s been hurt and her heart has been bruised and broken, but she still radiates a love that can help you heal wounds and show you a level of compassion you’ve never experienced before.

You are attracted to her heart and her wild spirit. Her ability to shine through the darkness and love even though she has been brutally broken.

You are afraid of letting her in. Her energy scares you. You’ve never met anyone quite like her before. She intimidates you.


There are no coincidences in life and the timing, though it may seem off, is actually exactly as it’s supposed to be. The universe doesn’t make mistakes. Everyone is sent to you at the precise moment that you need them – ready or not.

She comes into your life and meets you exactly where you are.

She demands nothing of you, she just wants your love, attention, and loyalty.

She would never ask or expect you to change – heal yes, evolve yes, but never change for her. She only wants to see you heal for your own well being.

She sees your pain and wants to simply be there for you to help honour it and love it away.

She understands your suffering, she’s been there too. She just wants to hold your hand and help walk through the flames. Together.

She will respect your boundaries and expects the same in return.

She will offer you the love and support you need in whichever way it is needed. She is intuitive and understands your varying needs. She is kind and patient and knows this journey is difficult.

She will give you her strength when you can’t find your own.

She has your back, in good times and bad, and everything in between.

She doesn’t care about your past, she simply wants to know it so she can better understand how to love you.

She makes you want to do more and be a better person – this scares you. She makes you want to up your game. Upping your game means you’ve gotta put some work into yourself. You’ve got to step up to the plate, open up, and get started on your healing journey. After all, she’s spent ample time up until this point healing her wounds – this is why she is made of magic. This is why she is so magnetic.

She understands that relationships take work and mutual effort. She is ready to put in the good fight and stand by what she wants and believes in.

All she asks is for your respect, your love, and your attention.

Loyalty and compassion.

Patience and determination.

She wants to know you care. That you love and respect her. That you will stand by her side in good times and bad. She needs to know that she can trust you.

Even though she may be one of the strongest women you will ever encounter in this life, she needs a partner that will catch her when she falls. When being strong becomes too much and she needs a break. She will break. She needs to know you will be there for her to love and comfort her just as she does for you.

Truth is though, she is afraid of you too.

Her love runs deep. Her love holds a power that even she can’t comprehend most days, but her heart is fragile. Too soft and caring for the harsh realities of today’s world.

She’s afraid that you will see her for all that she is and you will run from her. That she will be too much for you. You won’t understand how she can be so loving and compassionate.

In all honesty, she is afraid you will break her heart.

She’s been broken before. She’s had her heart ripped from her chest and dragged through the mud.

But she got through it. She healed those parts of her. She stitched her heart back together with self-love and good intentions. It’s not something she wants to experience again.

However, she knows that it is a possibility, and she is going to love big regardless.

The pain of the past isn’t going to stop her from experiencing the joys of today.Click To Tweet

She’s scared, yes, but she’s still willing to put herself out there and open herself up to the possibilities of love and joy, despite the fear of getting hurt again. She’s not willing to let fear control her life and limit her opportunity to experience love.

After all, LOVE is the most basic of human needs, yet it is something we all crave and lack.

There is too much love to give and receive to keep it all locked up in a box. to keep it protected.

She is guarded, but she is trying.

She knows the risk, but she is willing anyways.

The wholehearted woman is not one in a million. She is once in a lifetime.

There is no upgrade after her. She IS the upgrade.

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