Potentially Dangerous Encounters

I had an interesting encounter the other day. I didn’t think much of it in the moment, but the more I think about it the more I started to realize that things could have gone wrong very quickly had I said something different.

It’s sad that during these times of chaos and upheaval that people would even think of praying on others, but truth to the matter is, there are some really horrible and selfish people out there and for them this is the prime time to take action. Especially in these times, it’s in your best interest to stay very aware.

Thursday night last week between 830-845p, I had a few minutes before my next consumer (I do home healthcare for seniors for those of you who are wondering why I am still working), so instead of being a creeper and waiting it out in his driveway, I pulled into a parking lot close to his house, put the car in park, and started wasting time on candy crush. Productive, I know. This is common practice on slow nights when we have large gaps in our schedule. 

I saw no danger in pulling into a well lit parking lot in a somewhat easily seen area. The parking lot was nearly empty aside from a few other parked cars scattered throughout and the money changer truck working away at the drive-through bank machine sitting kitty corner of my passenger side. I did not park directly beside them, because, well… they are handling large amounts of cash, they have guns, and as much as I don’t want to be a creeper sitting in someone’s driveway, I also don’t want to seem like a criminal waiting to pounce as they empty the bank machine. 

I was there for quite a few minutes by the time he had pulled up to my driver side window. I didn’t even notice the bank machine truck pulled away. He had his window rolled down and motioned for me to roll mine down, so I did, thinking he had a question. He asked me if I was waiting for the bank machine to free up, I told him that I wasn’t and that I was just wasting time until I had to go see my next client. He asked if I lived in the area, and told me he had just moved here recently (within the last 3 months). I told him I was from St. Catharines and welcomed him to the area. He then asked me if I was single or if I had a family, to which I replied that I had a family. He smiled, told me they were lucky to have me, and proceeded to drive away.

The thing that stuck with me after he left was the question he asked. Not are you single or married, he specifically asked if I had a family. If I had someone to go home to. 

Had this been an ill-intentioned encounter, I believe that two things saved me:

  1. I told him I was waiting on my next client – which means that someone was expecting to see me within a specified amount of time, and that I was still working. I had a job to go to so people would be expecting to see me that night and quite possibly the next day.
  2. I had family to go home to – the majority of the population are in isolation right now. A lot of people are isolating alone. If I was going home to an empty house, it would take longer for people to know that I was missing.

Now this could have been an entirely innocent approach, but maybe not. I will never know. Maybe it’s because I watch too many serial killer documentaries or it could very well be that my spidey sense was on point, either way it left a really bad feeling in my stomach. As they say, intuition hits your gut whereas fear hits your chest. This guy was good looking, he had an accent, and was very friendly and approachable. It made me realize how easy it could be to fall into a very dangerous situation.

I share this with you today to just remind you to stay vigilant. Be aware of your surroundings and do not let strangers know that you are alone or off of work, in fact… do just the opposite. Let people know that you are isolating with your friend or partner and that you are working either from home on a regular schedule or still working outside of the house. Ensuring that predators know that you will in fact be noticed missing quite quickly will be a deterrent for them. 

Please stay safe out there. Keep your eyes open and don’t let the lonelines of isolation lure you into making stupid mistakes that could potentially cost you your life. We are not supposed to be leaving our houses aside from work, essentials, or medical appointments, but make sure at least one person knows when you are leaving and where you are going. Paranoia or not, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Also, stay home and wash your damn hands.

Always keeping it real <3

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