Modern Dating Intro

I don’t know how you feel about it, but dating is hard. It can be entertaining, but sometimes it hurts. Heartbreak hurts. People, men AND women, can be assholes and can stomp all over your heart like they were sloshing through muddle puddles on a rainy day. Sometimes we fall so freely and expect so much that we put our entire heart into something only to have the rug pulled out from under us because something or someONE doesn’t measure up to what you had expected.

I developed a curiosity about dating and the world of relationships long ago. Why is it so hard? Why do we allow ourselves to get hurt so often? Why do we have such unrealistic expectations? Why do some fall so freely while others never seem to fall? What IS love anyways? Is there actually ONE true love for everyone? Is it possible for ONE person to fulfil ALL your wants, needs and desires… is expecting that from ONE person too much pressure and far too many expectations? Am I even confident that I could be that ONE person for someone? 
Oh, so many questions… 
I’ll start off by saying, I’m not an expert, I’m not a therapist. I’m just an every day woman curious about an every day thing. I have my opinions, just as you have yours. We won’t always agree on everything and that is perfectly ok and to be expected, kind of like in an actual relationship… It’s the internet… we’re not going to agree with everything we see on here anyways. We don’t have to agree on things. Actually, let’s disagree. Let’s open up the discussions and hear the opinions. Let’s see how things look from varying angles, with varying opinions and from various walks of life. I want to hear it all. Like I said, I’m curious. I want to know. I want to get in nice and deep and learn more about love, relationships, sex, you name it. I hope that in doing so, I will be able to shed some light on the subject and perhaps answer the questions of others as well. We know you have questions… some of which you may be too shy to ask yourself. 
I’ll start off by saying this… 
THIS IS A JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE. Internet trolls can be cruel, what easier way to release hate than to do so hiding behind a keyboard. We are ALL entitled to our own opinions. Bashing or spreading hate will not be tolerated. It’s all love here baby, love from all angles. Let’s respect and appreciate that, please.
So that being said, let’s get it started. 
Let’s talk about love, lust, sex, relationships, dating, being single, memorable date experiences, you name it. I want to hear YOUR questions. I want to hear YOUR opinions. I want to hear your fantasies, your secrets, your tales and experiences. I want to hear it all. Let’s have fun with this.
If you have a question you’d like to me to post, send it to me and I will do so anonymously if that’s what you choose. 
That being said, take what you will from what is said here or what is discussed. At the end of the day, you are responsible for the choices in your life, so if you get something out of our conversations here, great! If not, I’m sure it will still be a great form of entertainment.

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