To The Magic Woman Who Has Lost Her Way

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Magic Woman.

You are wild, free, and worthy of all the love in the world. You know you are worthy of the love you give so freely to all those around you. You give without expectations. You live with an open heart. You love freely, and you love HARD. Your love heals, empowers, and attracts high vibration souls – it also attracts souls and energy in need of healing.

You were born healers, menders, feelers, and lovers.

You were created with a spark in your heart that made you want to set the world on fire with your magical spirit. Your energy. You pure, golden heart. 🔥

But somewhere along the line, someone told you-you couldn’t do that.

You were too much. You needed to tone it down a bit. Behave. Act more like a lady.

They told you to settle down.

You’re going to be too much for some people.

You’re too loud and boisterous. You need to settle your energy.

You’re too ambitious.

You are unlovable.

You’re undeserving of love and affection.

You want more than you can have. Who are you to think that you deserve all of that?

What you want is not possible. Stop dreaming.

You should just keep your mouth shut.

Don’t cry or show emotion. It’s unattractive and weak. It’s unbecoming of you. You need to be stronger. Control your emotions more.

You’re not like everyone else. Look at that person, you should be more like them.

You are not enough. Your goals are too big. You want too much.

People don’t believe in magic. Be realistic. Get your head out of the clouds.

You’re weird.

Who do you think you are.

Just do what you’re told…

It is possible that not all these things were verbally indicated, but could have been implied through actions and environment. People with childhood traumas and abandonment issues, or people who have lived through abusive relationships, romantic or otherwise, more often than not struggle with feelings of unworthiness and a lack of belief in themselves. To those people, a lot of these statements hit close to home. They end up settling into unhealthy relationships because they don’t believe they deserve more or better. They put up with abuse because they were conditioned to think that it is an acceptable form of attention.

How we were conditioned to believe in ourselves as children is carried into adulthood, where some of us realize we were taught wrong and have to unlearn all the programming we have received over the years.

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This takes mass amounts of self-awareness and commitment to becoming the best version of ourselves. This takes recognizing and understanding our demons and looking them in the eyes. This takes putting ourselves in the arena and being prepared to have our asses handed to us. This takes courage and grit. This takes strength, love, and determination. Things will get messy. They will get ugly. You will break down. You will falter. You will fall. You will cry. You will break wide open. The ebb and flow of this journey is intense, but my god it is also spectacular and fucking beautiful.

AKA. This takes work and it’s not for the faint of heart.

This takes work that a lot of people aren’t willing to put in or they haven’t yet uncovered what it is they need to heal, so they continue to settle. They settle in a relationship that doesn’t serve them, a job that doesn’t fulfill them, they put up with abuse and neglect, and they allow people to take advantage of their kindness. Sound familiar?

But then again, sometimes it’s easier to just remain ignorant and complacent.

This works for some people, but not for people like us.

Not everyone wants to step into this arena. Not everyone is ready for this battle with self. It’s a scary business.

What happened.

As a child, there was a point along the line where that little voice inside your head started to believe all the bullshit they were telling you. You started thinking that maybe they were right, maybe you were unworthy and unlovable. Maybe you were too much. Maybe you were weird and your dreams were too big. Maybe your head was in the cloud and you were being unrealistic.

So over time, the inferno in your heart started to flicker and wane. Their words and actions started to take away your power. Your belief. Your magic. And you let them. It’s not your fault, it happens to the best of us.

You’re an adult now and you feel incomplete. You feel inauthentic as you recall the magic you once had. You remember how good it felt to feel wild,  free, and alive. You feel as though there is more to life, you just can’t put your finger on it, but with this realization, you slowly start to come alive again.

Over time, with the proper soul searching, inner work, and conditioning you start believing in yourself again. You start to realize that maybe it wasn’t you all along, maybe it was them. Maybe you shone too bright for them and instead of encouraging it, they stifled you and tried to snuff you out, putting you down in the process. They stifled your flame because it made them feel uncomfortable. You scared them. Your energy was overwhelming, maybe overpowering their own. They couldn’t handle you. You were too much for them.

Gradually, over time, that little spark in your heart starts to flicker and perk up again.

You start remembering all that energy and freedom you had when your spark was free and shone with all its glory.

There is hope.

You start believing in yourself again. Believing in your art. Believing in your magic.

Your heart lights up again. FINALLY.

You start remembering your potential, your destiny, and who you are meant to be.

You start remembering how fucking powerful you are.

There is a fire starting. You and you can feel the heat radiating from your chest, throughout your entire body. Like a warm white blanket is being wrapped around you – it’s comforting, enlightening, magical, and familiar. You start to feel like you’re coming home again.

And then it all changes when you really start to remember and become aware of who you are.

You’re magic, baby.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

This path to spiritual awakening and recognition is hard. It’s hard to unlearn all that we have been taught to be true.  Stay strong and stay with it. Enjoy the ride. Get support. Find your tribe, rely on them, and love them hard. You will need them.

Shine bright.

Stay wild.


Follow your heart.
It knows the way ❤💃

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