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Spring Equinox

Full Super{worm}Moon in Libra

Retrograde conclusion

Near miss Asteroid

Energetically speaking, March 19-21, 2019, are big fucking days.

March 20 marks the first day of Spring.

The March Full Super{worm}Moon goes full tonight.

Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close soon… Mercury Rx officially closes on March 28, we are getting there!

And I just read on another page that there will be a near miss asteroid flying nice and close to our home base at only 190, 246 miles above the surface.

So what does all this woo woo goodness mean for you?

The next few days will be massively energetically-infused, so this is a great time to manifest some magikal shit into your life.


The Spring Equinox symbolizes fertility, growth, and new beginnings. An opportunity to do some cleansing and releasing. Think spring cleaning for the soul. We are closing the doors on the long and dark winter months. New life is starting to form. We are finally able to shake off those thick, heavy, restricting winter coats. We finally feel like we can step outside and start taking some action in life. No more hiding.


This is the third and final supermoon of 2019. It’s a big one. It also coincides with the Equinox (first time since 2000), which makes it even more powerful and potent! Let’s not waste this incredible energy!

The March Full Super{worm}Moon is an opportunity to enter a higher level of consciousness and open the flow of abundance. Whether it is love, money, success, now is the time to get it, girl!


We are still working our way through this retrograde, so continue taking measures to protect yourself. Avoid signing contracts, starting businesses, or making big decisions. See if you can make those wait just another week.

Mercury goes back to normal on March 28.

I don’t know about you, but this retrograde hit me pretty hard. I thought I was going to get through unscathed and I likely got a little cocky. I was quickly humbled and put in my place within a couple of days of Rx starting. I was hit with a couple pretty epic hiccups in my mortgage signing process. In retrospect, we opted to slow things down for a bit. We decided to post-pone things a week out (lining up with the close of Rx) and I can’t say that I am overly upset about that. It’s all about going with the flow, right?

Listen up, life may not always pan out exactly as you had envisioned it, but it is panning out exactly as it is supposed to. Take your hands off the wheel and trust the process. Have faith and remember that you are being divinely guided and protected. Most of the time, trying to control things just makes things worse and causes more stress. Let’s not do that anymore, mmm k?

Now that we’ve cleared the air on that, here is a simple ritual to help align yourself to your intentions and set yourself up for success for Spring.

A simple ritual to help you get into alignment with tonight’s energy.

Clear your calendar for the evening or at least a couple hours and take some time to really focus on what you would like to achieve using the energy of this powerful super moon.

Burn some sage, palo santo, frankincense, copal, or incense of your choice. Using the smoke, cleanse your aura, your crystals, your tools, and your space. Visualize the smoke clearing all unwanted negativity and bad energy.

Light some candles.

Grab your notebook and start writing down everything you want to release or let go of (stress, anxiety, toxic relationships or behaviours, etc).

After you’ve written out all that you want to release, sit with your list in your hands. Visualize these things. Think about how it will feel to no longer carry the weight of these burdens any longer. Imagine the freedom.

Feel it.

Taste it.

And then…

Let them go.

Tear the paper into pieces and burn the pieces (in a safe space – have fire safe bowl handy and some water in case things get a little wild).  As you burn the paper, visualize yourself releasing them. Again, revisit the feelings of release. Feel it. Embrace the freedom it brings.

Once the paper has been cleared. Sit in the feeling of freedom and ruminate on all the good thoughts.

Set your intentions.

On a new piece of paper, or within your journal, write out your intentions and goals for the next couple months.

What would you like to achieve?

How do you want to feel?

What would you like to attract into your life?

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Don’t think about it too much and just write. Let it come from the heart. Take your head out of the equation.

Hold these intentions in your hand and visualize these things coming into your life. Create an image of how you want life will be in your head.

See it.

Feel it.

Taste it.

Create this imagery so vividly in your imagination that it has no choice but to become reality.

When you are done with this visualization and you feel like you are ready to move forward, place your journal or paper in a safe spot and put a piece of quartz on top of it (or whatever crystal you feel compelled to use. Again, there is no right or wrong way and if your heart calls for something different, just allow it). Better yet, set your intentions up under the light of the full moon.

Finally, and most importantly…

Thank the universe for bestowing your desires to you. Thank the universe as though it is already done.

You have to believe this to be with every ounce of your soul. There is no room for doubt here.

I’d love to hear how you are celebrating tonight’s celestial events.

How do you celebrate and honour the moon?

How are you welcoming Spring?

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