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341 Merritt Street | 905-380-0347 

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I spent some time in the bare. headquarters this past weekend. I managed to lock the owner, Rachel, down for a much needed, long awaited couple hour chit chat. Rachel is another one of those badass bosses that I am so humbly blessed to have in my life as a dear friend.  

Rachel is the owner of one of Niagara’s longest running cleaning companies, Miss’es Clean (18 years and getting stronger each and every year). She is a highly sought-after employer in the Region, offering fair wages, many perks and flexible scheduling for her employees, not to mention she is just a really awesome person and really great to work for. 

At the end of last year, Rachel was in a fluke accident where a chunk of ice fell off the roof of a hotel and hit her in the head when she was in the hot tub, for real, I did not make that shit up. In all honesty though, if she was going to have a crazy fluke accident story… this is it. This crazy accident forced Rachel to step back and take some time away from her work. Slow down if you will. As a serial hustler, Rachel wasn’t used to slowing down, so this was a very difficult adjustment for her. It’s now about 4 months later and she is still not back to the fully loaded schedule she was rocking before the accident. 

We had a chat about universal energy, woo woo vibes, and signs while we were visiting. Rachel knew she wanted to slow down before the accident, she just didn’t know how – I’m sure many of my fellow hustlers can relate. As shitty as this experience has been for her to get through and manage – she’s been juggling life as a mom, business owner AND starting up not 1, but TWO companies – we both had to agree that this was the universe literally bashing her over the head in an attempt to get her to slow down, reflect on and enjoy life for a bit.  

It worked. 

Rachel is pushing her way through the pain, adjusting the cognitive issues that come along with a concussion, the emotional ups and downs to slowing down, but she is also learning how to tune into her own emotional health and well being. She’s still struggling and some days are way better than others, but she is making progress each and every day and she’s still the most badass boss I know.

Rachel, you never cease to amaze me in all that you do <3

Location. Location. Location.

Let’s talk about the Miss’es Clean / Bare new store front location for a minute. 

Rachel recently moved her business to a new location on Hartzel Road in St. Catharines. Let me just say that this space is gorgeous. It’s large, bright, open, white, CLEAN, with pink accents throughout – obvs. She’s done a great job in setting this place up and creating a warm, friendly and welcoming environment. 

There is a lounge area where you can grab a coffee, sit, and chat with the boss herself. The custom-made, pine harvest table, which doubles as a desk is absolutely stunning, not to mention the custom made front counter / reception area. The dark wood creates such an amazing contrast against the white walls and pink accents. 

Bare products errwhere

The Bare. bottles are perfect. I never thought I would appreciate the shape of a cleaning product, but here I am… admiring how pretty they look. The labels are clean and simple. The crisp, white label on the ornate bottles, topped with the twine around the neck of the bottle make for a very pretty package. They almost look too cute to use.  

Bare has a refill AND a testing station!

Say what?! How cool is that!  

Bring your empty bare. bottles back to the bare. shop and save $2 off the regular price of each bottle you refill. Not only does this encourage less waste, but it’s also great for the environment, and encourages repeat business.  

Maybe you are not sure if you want or need a certain product? Take it for a test drive in bare’s testing station. How many times have you wanted to try a product only to put it back because you were a. unfamiliar with the effects, b. you were unsure of the actually efficiency, c. you couldn’t read the ingredients or d. you’re just not sure if you would like the smell? The testing station takes the guess work out for you.  

Environmentally Friendly.

On top of the reusesable packaging and refill station, bare. products are made with pure, natural ingredients and certified pure essential oils, so you can rest assured knowing that you, your kids, and pets will be safe. You could drink this stuff if you wanted to, but obviously I don’t recommend it. Seriously, don’t. The ingredients are simple and easy to read, clearly stated on the label, no big words that you can’t pronounce or have to google, which gets a big thumbs up in my books. Bare uses natural ingredients that will make you feel confident about removing toxins and chemicals from your home.

Let’s give you a brief intro to the bare. products

Window & Glass Cleaner.


I’ll be honest here, I compare this to Frank’s… I use this shit on everything. I know she has a multi-purpose cleaner, but I’ve honestly just used this product to get the job done.  This stuff smells AH-MAZING.  

Foaming Moisturizing Hand Wash.


–> Citrus Bliss / Lavender & Eucalyptus / Rosemary & Mint <– 

Luurrvvv this stuff!! I’ve always preferred foaming hand washes, for whatever reason. These flavour, is that the proper term for soap?! Anyways… these “flavour” combinations are so good. The Rosemary & Mint one is my fave. 

Laundry Detergent.


Kids? Sensitive skin? Dry Skin? This stuff is for you. Simple and pure ingredients mean less chemicals and irritants on your precious skin. Did you know your skin is the largest organ on / in your body? Take care of it!  

Multi-purpose Cleaner.


I have not tried this one for reasons stated above, but if you head on over to the bare. / Miss’es Clean page, I am sure you will see plenty of reviews from happy customers! I really should buy myself a bottle and give my poor Window & Glass Cleaner a break… 

Granite & Stainless-Steel Cleaner.

I have not tried this one either, but I have seen it in action and I have seen the results. This stuff is crazy good. If you have stainless steel appliances in your house, this will be your new best friend. Finger prints be-gone! 

Leather Cleaner.


Another one I have yet to try. I don’t own much leather, so I haven’t had much of a need for it. I’m sure this would be great used on leather jackets, bags, pants if you’ve got em (all I can picture is Ross in that one episode of Friends), and even your leather furniture. 


*new* Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner 

This is a new bare. product. I got a bottle this past week on Rachel’s BOGO offer she is currently running (one thing about bare. is that there is always some sort of promo happening. Rachel likes to take care of her peeps!) 

I washed my laminate floors with this stuff over the weekend, paired with my Norwex mop and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My floors were squeeky clean and of course, my whole house smelled amazing.

Pretty awesome, aren’t they!? 

Where to get the goods: 

St. Catharines 

Miss’es Clean, 341 Merritt St 

Edible Options, 300 Fourth Ave 

Yoga by Sarah, Grantham Plaza 

The Post Office – Shannon Passero, 18 Front St N 

Craft Arts Market, 160 St. Paul St 


Movement Unlimited, 178 Hwy 20 W 


Cherry Birch General, 219 King St E 

Rachel will also ship products to you.
You’ll have to reach out and CONTACT her crew for rates.

Annnnd because you are all so wonderful and you all NEED to get these amazing cleaning products into your home, Rachel has passed along a coupon code for my readers that will give you $25 off your $60 order, use promo code BARE25 and let her know that I sent you <3

sheena does bare. cleaning essentials from Miss'es Clean st. catharines with Rachel Epp


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  1. Beautiful. Love the bio and the natural aspects of both your review and the Bare line. That multi purpose cleaner has my name all over it! Love this!

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