5 Ways to Protect your Energy

5 ways to protect your energy

When you naturally have a healing aura, you tend to attract a lot of damaged people into your life. When you radiate healing energy, you become a light in the darkness. The damaged people are drawn to you like moths to a flame. You become a beacon of hope. Your healing energy can be so powerful that just being in your presence brings them peace. It helps to ground them and bring balance to their energy field.

Do you ever find that you are exhausted after spending time with certain people? Maybe scrolling through your social media news feed has become enough to suck the life out of you? Watching the news? I know that one drains me. We are quite literally bombarded with negative energy all day, every day. Do you know that you can implement simple practices that can help keep YOUR wonderful energy all to yourself and repel the negative energy of others?

They say that we become like the people we spend most of our time with, so if you are spending most of your time with negative energy chances are you’re going to start carrying that around with you, but the good news is that it goes both ways! By spending time with happy, positive, people that emanate really great energy will in-turn transfer that wholly goodness over to you. Sweet!

Have you ever taken the time to actually evaluate or take inventory of where your energy is going?

Self-awareness is key here. You need to be aware of your own mental well being and physical state. You need to be aware of your body and aware of where your mind is. You should start taking notes, (starting a journal is always a good idea) on how you feel after encountering certain people, being exposed to certain things or even when your energy shifts after you eat! If you start to notice patterns and you recognize that you feel drained after being around some people, reading certain things, etc., there are things that you can do to help protect your energy.

1. Awareness and boundaries are key.

Being aware of your surroundings and taking note of how you feel in certain situations or around certain people is vital to protecting your energy, as stated above. Practice with a mood diary for a week. Start documenting your feelings prior to seeing people and afterwards, prior to eating and after and generally when you notice a shift in your being. Tracking your moods will help you to notice if there is a pattern, whether it is environmental, experiential, dietary, etc.


Affirmation: My energy is protected, and is completely my own.


2. Protect yourself

This can be as simple as saying a quick prayer before leaving the house, imagining yourself in a protective cloak, or a full on visualization exercise. If you feel you are having a really hard time keeping your energy on lock-down, this may not be a bad idea. A visualization doesn’t have to be large, extravagant and all that woo woo, but could be a simple exercise of imaging that you are surrounding yourself with a warm, white light. Before you leave your house, take a moment to close our eyes and wrap yourself in a protective cloak of white light.

Affirmation: What’s mine is mine and yours is yours. I am protected and safe.

3. Breathe and Connect

Don’t be afraid to take a little time out to ground yourself. Remove yourself from the situation, move to a private pace and centre yourself with some nice deep, calming breaths. If you are in a place where you are able, take your shoes off and connect to the earth for a few moments. Visualize roots from the bottom of your feet rooting into the ground, take some deep breaths, repeat the affirmation below, continue to wrap yourself in white light and watch the negativity melt away.

Affirmation: My energy is centered, grounded and focused. All is well and complete in my world. I am safe

4. Essential oils

I use essential oils quite extensively to keep me grounded. There are a number of oils that do the trick, but my go to oils are Balance, Frankincense, Peace and Neroli. I have these oils with me at all times and I apply to my heart and pulse points on the onset of energy drainage or when I feel my anxiety creeping up. My anxiety often disguises itself as chest pain, but yours may not be as obvious. Pay attention to how you are feeling and use your oils freely. Make sure you are buying only the purest oils on the market. If you have oil questions, I am always happy to assist and direct. I’ve used oils to manage my anxiety and emotions for years.
Learn more about Essential Oils

5. Cleanse yourself and your space. 

If you feel like the energy is following you around, you may need to just hop into a cold shower and wash it all away. When in the shower imagine the water is cleaning all the negative energy from your body and dumping it down the drain. Give yourself permission to release the energy by reciting the affirmation below.

If you feel there is bad energy in your home, you can also smudge your space with sage.

Affirmation: My space is loving, protected and clear.

If any of the affirmations I have listed here bring on or increase the anxiety or negative feelings you re experiencing, stop immediately and try something new. Make your own up. Find something that resonates with you.

Spiritual women will always attract men that need healing. #ouch
Note to self: Become more aware of the energy I am projecting out into the universe.

Something to think about… 

When you become aware you will start to realize that there are no coincidences or accidents in life. We attract people and experiences into our lives based on the energy we put out into the world. If you feel that you’re attracting too much negative energy, it’s probably a good time to take a step back and re-evaluate how you’re showing up energetically and maybe set some new intentions.

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